Pictures of the cars and action at the River Cruizers annual show at the Avi Resort and Casino in Laughlin, Nevada

dsc_0065_small.jpg dsc_0066_small.jpg dsc_0067_small.jpg dsc_0068_small.jpg dsc_0069_small.jpg
dsc_0070_small.jpg dsc_0071_small.jpg dsc_0072_small.jpg dsc_0073_small.jpg dsc_0074_small.jpg
dsc_0075_small.jpg dsc_0076_small.jpg dsc_0077_small.jpg dsc_0078_small.jpg dsc_0079_small.jpg
dsc_0080_small.jpg dsc_0081_small.jpg dsc_0082_small.jpg dsc_0083_small.jpg dsc_0084_small.jpg
dsc_0085_small.jpg dsc_0086_small.jpg dsc_0087_small.jpg dsc_0088_small.jpg dsc_0089_small.jpg
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